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Case Study

Neosho Lane

Purchase Price: $320,000

Rehab Cost: $65,000

Sale Price: $460,000

Days on Market: 8

Area Avg D.O.M. 28

Neosho Lane was a well-built house that needed its quality elements to be restored to modern-day times. By focusing on repurposing rather than replacing, Ivory Home was able to craft a design
that would compliment the home’s build-type and allow it to stand out while keeping the investor within their budget.

Design services for this project included:

  1. Full project interior design including floor plan restructuring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, paint colors, millwork, countertops, cabinetry, vanities, hardware, etc.
  2. Full project exterior design including doors, paint colors, hardware, lighting fixtures, roofing style and color, etc.
  3. Sourcing over 150 material items and building a 12-page finish schedule to reflect all choices approved by the investor.
Total Design Cost: $2,000

Flat-rate Pricing


By partnering with Ivory Home to create a fully custom design for this project, Neosho Lane received an offer in just 8 days on the market.

  • Accurate project budgeting with a full design plan in place before project day 1.
  • Under contract in just 8 days on the market.
  • Fast project construction with all design elements chosen before day 1.
“Many of my friends and retail buyers left great feedback about our design and said I ”stepped up” on this one.”

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