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Case Study

Clarence Street

Purchase Price: $160,000

Rehab Cost: $60,000

Sale Price: $280,000

Days on Market: 3

Area Avg D.O.M. 92

This registered historic home had a unique charm that needed to be preserved through the design, rather than disregarded. To achieve this look, the investor utilized Ivory Home’s Custom Design Services to develop a design that would tactfully highlight the unique characteristics of the home, while still updating it to what modern homebuyers desire.

Design services for this project included:

  1. Full project interior design including floor plan restructuring, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, paint colors, millwork, countertops, cabinetry, vanities, hardware, etc.

  2. Full project exterior design including doors, paint colors, hardware, lighting fixtures, roofing style and color, etc.

  3. Sourcing over 250 material items and building a 12-page finish schedule to reflect all choices approved by the investor

Total Design Cost: $2,750

Flat-rate Pricing


Utilizing all design materials sourced from Ivory Home, this house achieved a higher price per square foot value than any other comparable in the neighborhood and received a full-price offer in just three days during the challenging 2023 market.


  • Higher price per square foot than any other comparable in the neighborhood.
  • Full-priced offer in just three days on the market.
  • Historic home kept its charm in the community.
“Ivory Home brought this historic project to life in a way that I would have never pictured.”
– Investor

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