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Case Study

Blackwater Way

Total Build Cost: $250,000

Sale Price: $312,500

Days on Market: 19

Area Avg D.O.M. 53

This builder client brought a blank canvas for Ivory Home to design. Being that the neighborhood followed a farmhouse aesthetic with larger-sized lots, we designed this home to be filled with light colors, warm wood tones, and modern hardware and fixtures. The blend of modern farmhouse with French country design presented the client with a buyer before the garage doors could be installed.

Design services for this project included:

  1. Full project interior design including lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring, paint colors, millwork, countertops, cabinetry, vanities, hardware, etc.
  2. Full project exterior design including doors, garage door, paint colors, stain colors, hardware, lighting fixtures, roofing color, etc.
  3. Sourcing over 250 material items and building a 12-page finish schedule to reflect all choices approved by the investor
Total Design Cost: $2,500

Flat-rate Pricing


Listing this home on the market slightly after interior painting completion allowed prospective buyers to visualize the design crafted by Ivory Home. As the project neared completion, the client was presented with an offer that outperformed all nearby comparables by $8 per Sq.Ft.

  • Sold project before its completion.
  • Outperformed all comparables by $8 per Sq.Ft. (5%)
  • The builder had all design decisions made before day one.
“Having a full design plan for the home before we ever began construction made this project move so smoothly and saved me so much time.”
– Builder

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