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Meet Ivory Home

The nation’s only interior design firm tailored to real estate investors.

Our Mission

We started in 2023 with a desire to bring the interior design industry into the real estate investing world. Historically, interior designers have been unplugged from the realities of real estate investing – budgets, timelines, and cost of services are so high and out of touch that the average real estate investor cannot afford to use them (if they actually want to make money on their deals).

Real estate investors shouldn’t have to try to design their own projects, and shouldn’t have to know what current homebuyers want. The system is flawed, and we’re here to change it.

At Ivory Home, we fully design real estate investor’s projects for an affordable flat-rate fee that can be easily integrated into any project budget.

The system is simple – we take care of your design and materials for any project so that you can spend your time finding more deals.

We give you a fully custom design in 2 weeks or less.

We work within the budgets that YOU set.

We enable you to spend your time finding more deals.

Our Values

These core values are at the center of every project we design.


We are investors first.

It’s one thing to design a beautiful home - it’s another to design a beautiful home that makes money.


Speed is key.

Investors move quickly, and each day that passes is more money taken from the bottom line. We design quickly and efficiently to develop your plan before you need it.


Communication is critical.

Design is highly dependent on communicating the vision effectively. We want to leave as little room for error as possible.


Stay in the know.

We stay up-to-date on the latest design trends to make sure your projects stand out.


Be resourceful.

If something doesn’t need changing - don’t change it! Utilize every aspect of a project to extract the most value at the best cost.

Meet The Founders

Hi! We're Sarah and Cody Caswell

-Founders of Ivory Home

We started flipping houses in our early twenties and fell in love with designing homes to maximize their full potential in the market. Our flips have always been thoughtfully designed, and have always sold fast. After designing and flipping over 50 homes in our local market, a few other investors started noticing how nice our projects looked, so they started to reach out and see if we would be interested in designing their projects as well. Thus, Ivory Home was created.

Today, we design homes for real estate investors all over the country, at a fraction of the cost of traditional professional design. We’re here to help investors make beautiful homes that make money – one project at a time.

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