Design by Investors, for Investors

We Design Projects for Real Estate Investors

at a fraction of the cost of traditional design using:

Flat-Rate Pricing

for fully custom designs.

Pre-Designed Templates

ready-for-use on your projects.

Product & Material Selections

tailored to your budget.

How It Works

Our 5-step process gives you a fully customized design plan for your real estate project without you making a single material selection.

Step 1: Discovery Call

We start with a discovery call to walk through the details, budget, and scope of your project.

Step 2: Property Details

You provide a 2D floor plan, scope of work, photos, and a video walkthrough of both the interior and exterior of your project.

Step 3: Design Board Creation

From the details you provide, we will source all of the materials for your project and organize them onto design boards.

Step 4: Presentation

We’ll do a 1-hour presentation of the design boards for your project and discuss any additions or changes you’d like to make.

Step 5: Hand-Off

Once you approve of the final design, we will provide you with both the design boards and a finish schedule of all materials chosen to provide to your contractors.

As an investor, you should be spending your time finding more deals…not designing houses.

With Ivory Home on your team, you will:

Save hours of time from shopping at the big box stores

Hold your contractor accountable for the costs and results of your projects

Stand out from the crowd with professionally designed projects

Execute your projects with a full plan in place from the start

Better estimate your project costs and find more certainty in your budgets

Have project designs that blend together seamlessly

Design Packages

Custom Packages

Our custom packages include:

Full interior/exterior design tailored to your project

Detailed design boards of every area and room

12-tab finish schedule to link all products sourced in selections

Pre-Designed Packages

Have a project that doesn’t need a custom design?

Our pre-designed packages are tailored to a standard-sized house, and gives you every item you need for a full renovation project (100+ product links). Here’s 2 of our most popular…


Case Studies

Learn how these investors maximized their ROI by using Ivory Home designs

About Us

The nation’s only interior design firm that is specifically tailored to real estate investors and builders.

Real estate investors shouldn’t have to try to design their own projects, and shouldn’t have to know what current homebuyers want. The system is broken, and we’re here to fix it.

After investing in real estate for over a decade, not only did we learn how to design beautiful homes, but we learned how to design beautiful homes that make money. Great design has to be affordable, and we’re here to help your projects achieve that “custom” look, while staying within your budget.

Owners: Cody & Sarah Caswell

Client Reviews

See what investors across the U.S. are saying about us...

“Hiring Ivory Home for my flips has saved me hours of time from going to Lowe’s to shop for my projects.”

- Lane Babin, Bayou Property Partners LLC

“My projects run so much more smoothly now that I have design plans in place for my flips. Ivory Home selects everything, puts it in a finish schedule, and I hand it off to my contractor to execute. It’s that simple.”

- Blake Walker, First Serve Investments LLC

“I’ve worked with Ivory Home on multiple projects and their attention to detail and CRAZY good value proposition truly cannot be beat. Give these guys a call and you’ll wish you found them five projects ago.”

- Nate Clark, The Skydiving Realtor

“It’s not very often you find a design company that also intimately understands construction and rehab costs. As an investor, it’s reassuring to know that they consider the financial impact of the design decisions and understand how to drive value without blowing the budget.”

- Andrew Gardner, LEAP Properties LLC

“My flips started becoming stale and all looking the same. Now, since bringing Ivory Home in on my projects, they have become some of the most designed houses on the market and cost practically the same as before”

- Cody Cross, Cross Estates LLC

“The fact that I can pay such a small price to get a professionally designed flip, fully built out for my contractor, without making a single design decision is a no-brainer for me”

- Sean Ade, Adeventure Properties LLC

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